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What is Old Tree Kombucha?

Old Tree Brewery Kombucha is a fermented live drink made from a blend of sencha green Tea and Assam black tea. This ancient brewing process harnesses the transformative powers of fermentation to create a refreshing, tangy appley drink that is low in alcohol and supports a healthy gut.

Upcoming Events
Appleland 2023

19th - 22nd October at Three Pools Farm, Llanvetherine, Abergavenny

large group in a field laughing throwing apples in the sky

Come and join us for a long weekend of apple revelry, with song, dance, fires and friendships to celebrate the abundance of small orchards. 

3 days and nights spent on a regenerative farm with views of the black mountains and rolling hills, stunning stone barns to play and party in, just 1 hour from Bristol.

All food included with a priority on organic, local and seasonal ingredients. We'll have a fully stocked, seasonal & affordable Old Tree Bar selling kombucha, cocktails with lots of low and no alcohol options. 

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