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  • Where is your brewery? I couldn’t find it!
    If you've gone looking for us in Brighton, we've moved! We are now in the picturesque village of Glynde, just outside Lewes. Visitors are still very welcome! Trains arrive at Glynde station every hour, and we are a short walk through the village, just before you arrive at the estate. It's a lovely walk, especially when the flowers are out. There is ample space for parking bikes in front of our premises, so stop by for a refreshing drink during your next countryside bike ride. If you are coming by car, there are limited parking spaces in front of the brewery. We prefer these to be kept available for visitors with mobility issues, but there is free parking along the main road and at the village car park just down the road, near the station. We hope to see you soon!
  • What areas of B&H do you ship to?
    We ship to most post codes in BN1, BN2 and BN3 using Zedify e-bike courriers, or for the ones outside of their range, APC Shipping.
  • Where can I buy your drinks in Brighton & Hove?
    We stock our kombucha in many cafes, restaurants, and speciality shops across Brighton & Hove. Find a stockist near you on our website here:
  • I’ve missed my order delivery. What do I do?
    Our shipping courriers often try to redeliver to you on the same day. If you've missed this, give us a ring or an email and we'll arrange a redelivery with you. +44 7413 064 346
  • Is Old Tree Kombucha alcohol free?
    Old Tree Kombucha is not alcohol free. All our kombucha range sit at an ABV of 1.2%. We are working on an alcohol-free flavour so keep your eyes peeled!
  • How much sugar is in your kombucha?
    Organic sugar is the only carb in our kombucha, and it is generally between 4-4.5 grams of sugar per 100ml, or 4% sugar. This is in our fresh kombucha; an older batch might be a bit lower as our kombucha is live and continues to ferment, meaning the yeast continues to eat the sugar inside the bottle.
  • Is kombucha safe for children to drink?
    We do not recommend children under 18 consume any alcoholic products.
  • Can I drink kombucha while pregnant?
    We do not recommend drinking kombucha while pregnant.
  • Can I drink kombucha past its best before date?
    Yes! Technically, it never goes off. However, as our drinks are live, they will continue to ferment once opened. This means they will become more vinegary and more fizzy, especially if kept unrefriegerated. While they are perfectly safe to drink, the flavour will have certainly changed on Old Tree Kombucha past its best before date.
  • Does kombucha go bad?
    Technically, no! Old Tree Kombucha is a live, fermented drink. This means that once opened and especially if kept unrefrigerated, it will continue to ferment. This means it will become more fizzy, vinegary and sour to taste, but it is perfectly safe to dirnk, and doesn't go 'bad'.
  • When do you release your seasonal offerings?
    Depends on what the season offers us! We aim to release Spring/Summer offerings between March and May, and and our Autumn/Winter offerings in October through to December. Some seasonal products are more specific, such as Elderflower Wine which we release in May and are typically sold out by September. Get in touch if there is something you are especially interested in!
  • Do your drinks need to be refrigerated?
    Old Tree Kombucha and Sparkling Wines are live, fermented drinks and need to be kept refrigerated at 5 Celcius or lower. This is in order to slow down the fermentation process. Old Tree Cordials do not need to be refrigerated unless otherwise stated on the bottle. Old Tree Vinegars do not need to be refrigerated unless otherwise stated on the bottle. All of our products should be kept in the fridge once opened.
  • How can I volunteer with Old Tree?
    Head over to to get in touch with Tom about volunteering opportunities with Compost Club, Old Tree Market Garden, or the other community projects run by Old Tree Community.
  • Are you hiring?
    Not at the moment, but we are always happy to meet anyone interested in brewing and getting involved. Drop us an email at if you'd like to introduce yourself.
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