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Let's Grow Old Tree
Crowdfunder 2019

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We crowdfunded £18,500 in May 2019 to #growoldtree as a social enterprise, to support our earth and communities. Huge thanks to all of our 172 supporters.

We would like to thank all the amazing Old Tree heroes who supported us during our crowdfunder. The amount of love and support we received was staggering, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone below and more.

Old Tree Heroes

Roger Ross

Campfire Convention

Peter Deadman

David and Vicky Daniell

Electric Square

Colette Randall


Clare Halliday 

Robert Hargreaves

Alex Bartho

James Jenkins

Jane Gabriel  

Anthony Bartho

Priscilla Macquire-Samson

Gillian Grylls

Brett Robinson

Charles Anthony

Mary and Mark Brittain

Annita Mossop

Mary & Martin Bailey

Janno English

Good Things Brewing Co

Charlotte Overton-Hart

Stephen and Jessica Pidgeon

Steve Savides 

Judith Derbyshire

Jonathan Brittain

Victoria Johnson

Cath Palgrave

Sam Challenger

Susan Cole

Blackwoods Cheese Company

Helen Hawken

Ann Worrall

Steve Creed

Maddy Ryle

Hannah Roberts

Nick Sangster

Jessica Edwards

Stephen Hoile

Stewart Cocks

David Treadwell

Georgina Halligan

Eva Coleman

Grace Stewart

Marc Knapton

Sue Leach

Mischa Nowicki

Katherine Walters

Ian Griffin

Camilla Robinson

John Redmond

Cory Stone

Elona Hoover

Abby King

Simon Pearson-Wood

Full Circle Farms - Tom Morphew

Henry Ryder

Kayla Ente

Pasco J

Joanna Gilar

Alistair Whitby

Darren Ollerton

Adam Harvey-Swanston

Theresa Livingstone

Joe Baldock

Oliver Bettany

Tom Watson

Tom Carter

Harriet Dean-Orange

Marc Knapton

Susan Cole

Jo Majithia 

Jenny Barrett

Victoria Hulatt

Julie Fisher-Jaine

Tryphena Neale

Kayla Ellis

Hayley Cox

Lisa Mason

Alex Catchpole 

Marc Knapton

Caroline Delacour 

Deya Cacaoamor

Judy Redfearn

Karen Lee

Helen Green

Annemarie O'Sullivan

Susan Redshaw

Pinny Crane

Sally May

Indi Hicks 

Vic Borrill

Luci Hammond

Sara Osterholzer

Zoe John

Julia Goodlife

Ruth Anslow

Persephone Pearl

Brigitte Rohwerder

Catherine Lawrence

Maxim Grew

Phil Holtam

Vera Zakharov

Hazel Reynolds

Nicole Snepp

Lilly Daniell

Eloise Adler

Tracy Shepherd 

Sarah Martinez

Holly Gordon

Caroline Whiteman

Nick Booth

Cat Fletcher

Julia Bowerman

Alice Bettany

Nicola Peel

Gani Naylor

Ashleigh Brown

Julia Lawton

Shaneen Joubert 

Helen Philip

Julien C

Stephen and Jessica Pidgeon

Margaret J More

 Chris & Julie Yardley

Gail Davidson

Freya Robinson

William Neame

Christina Coghill

Ellen Yates

Harry Hoblyn

Brian La Carbonara

Nick Gonzalez

Christy Mccaw

Naomi Welford

Rosalie Mathie 

John  Blythe 

Jessica Hargreaves 

Lara W

Carole Turner

Brian Hughes

Sandra Christenson 

Matt Henry

Tracy Hind

Rich Bates

Maia Thomas

Helen Ray-Jones

Frederick Le Fanu

Richard Basgallop

Kate Greenhalf

Esme Sarfas

Kate Ray

Hannah Woodin

Hagen Schönfeld

Andrew Nall-Cain

Angelica Johansson

Milan Cater

Nicholas Godshaw

Robert Stevens

Tai Ray-Jones

Thomas Daniell 

Nina Lomax

Sapphire Allard

Sam Ford

Caroline Vincent

Jeremy Marshall

Phillip Miles

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