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What is Old Tree Kombucha?

Old Tree Brewery Kombucha is a fermented live drink made from a blend of sencha green Tea and Assam black tea. This ancient brewing process harnesses the transformative powers of fermentation to create a refreshing, tangy appley drink that is low in alcohol and supports a healthy gut.

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  Monthly Kombucha, delivered to your door.
Monthly Kombucha, delivered to your door.

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About Old Tree

Old Tree Brewery is a social enterprise micro-fermentary based in Brighton, using the transformative power of fermentation to create delicious, live drinks. We use traditional brewing techniques to produce creative, experimental brews and we are dedicated to fine-tuning our craft. We work in harmony with people, plants and microbes for social, ecological and economic good-- like an Old Tree. Having a net positive impact on the environment is at the core of everything we do.

Old Tree Brewery is part of the Old Tree family. Old Tree is a network of farmers, brewers, and land workers who have come together on a mission to restore soil health and increase UK biodiversity by planting edible hedgerows and creating high-quality, live compost for community growing.

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  Drink the plants you love!

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