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- Concentrated hemp terpenes, full of aromatic compounds, pack the power of hemp into our kombucha

- Grassy hemp aromas combine with our tart, fruity kombucha and amazing, grapefruit-scented Jester and Simcoe hops to create a compelling, invigorating experience reminiscent of an artisan, hopped cider



Old Tree Kombucha is a living, fermented tea sparkling with life! Our special blend of sencha green tea and full-bodied Assam tea gives our kombucha a tangy, apple sweetness and floral peach aroma. Enjoy it anytime of day and night for a refreshing, invigorating boost.


Kombucha is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics from a slow, natural fermentation process. Probiotics are increasingly being recognised as essential to our health by making the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in in food more bio-available for our bodies.


With an ABV of just 1.2%, our kombucha is enjoyable anytime day or night, offering rich, complex flavours from the fermentation of Sencha green and Assam black teas without the lows of higher alcohol or sugar-filled drinks.


Deliciously sparkling, it mixes well with rum, gin, or your favorite spirit as well as all kinds of fruit and herbal infusions.

Hop and Hemp Kombucha